Welcome to Brighton

The city of Brighton is a lively and cosmopolitan place to stay and study English, with its urban chic, classical architecture and stunning sea front just a short walk from our school. Brighton is just 30 minutes from Gatwick airport.

ELC Brighton achieved a perfect score of 15/15 areas of strength in its latest British Council inspection report. That makes ELC Brighton the joint No.1 English language school in the UK according to EL Gazette’s review of British Council inspectors’ publishable statements.

About our business English courses

At ELC Brighton all of our Business English courses are taught by trainers who have a wealth of experience teaching business English and working with professional people.

All lessons are taught in our dedicated Business Centre, a well-equipped training building exclusively for our professional clients.

Over the years we’ve built up a set of options to fulfill the needs of busy people. You can work on your everyday language as well as more formal business language with the combined general + executive English option.

For increasing personal attention, the executive mini-group drops to a 4-person maximum, and at any point you can add in further one-to-one lessons until you get the blend just right. If you’re not sure what is right for you, we’ll be happy to guide you, based on your level, your objectives, and the time you have available.

Welcome to Business English at ELC Brighton.

Course features

  • We conduct a pre-course needs assessment to get your course just right.
  • Regular individual tutorials with your teacher for private help and study advice.
  • You’ll be in a multi-national group for your English classes.
  • All course books and materials are included.
  • End of course certificate with hours of study and final level.
  • Presentation training rooms with ActivPanels, iPads and high-speed Wi-Fi.
  • Business lounge with complementary hot drinks.
  • Dedicated PC suite for work or study, with complementary colour printing.

Our range of Business English courses in Brighton

Depending on your choice of course, you will have 30 (22.5 hours) or 40 lessons (30 hours) per week. Our courses are tailored to your specific needs and develop the skills you need for use in your business contexts.

Find your English level

Our language learning levels relate closely to how the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) define them, but with a difference which we have found to help our students at Elementary level.

ELC levelEquivalent CEFR levels
Upper A1 Lower A2

We offer an English level test which anyone can take. It involves 50 questions and, depending on your level, will probably take you from 10 to 20 minutes. At the end of it, we will tell you your probable level.

But when you book, we will ask you to take a more detailed and accurate test, to make sure that you start in the class which is best for you.

Test your English level now

Is a Business English course right for you?

If you’re a working professional with a good few years of business experience behind you, you’re likely to fit right into these classes. The average age is a little higher than our general English classes, and the fact that you can relax away from the main areas of the school just makes these programmes that little bit more exclusive.

Of course, you’re welcome to join in with other international language students on one of our general English programmes in Brighton if that feels more appropriate. And if you’re not sure, please ask us.

ELC Brighton is the only school with a dedicated business centre and group business classes, but our other schools offer one-to-one classes which allow for a business or work focus, and ELC Chester does cater to age 25+ students, which is intended for working professionals too, and both Eastbourne and Chester schools have programmes for over-50s, which are more cultural than work-based.

This is a nicely framed image of the front facade of the striking Victorian building which is home to ELC Brighton, one of Brighton's oldest English language schools. In the foreground are white tulips and mature tree and a smaller shrub with red foliage. The school is painted a cream-white colour and the sky is blue with very light white clouds.