Your home in Brighton

Our dedicated accommodation teams have carefully selected a range of options to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible. The accommodation department at ELC Brighton has chosen a selection of accommodation options to help you make the most of your English language studies. All our accommodation is within easy travelling distance to school. Our Brighton school is located on Palmeira Square which has excellent transport options.

Our selection of accommodation, all within 40 minutes of school, includes:

  • homestay
  • hotels and guesthouses
  • student residence (self-catering)

Please note: If you are aged 16 or 17, and you are booked on an adult course, you must normally choose homestay accommodation with half-board meals (breakfast and evening meal).

Accommodation features

  • Free wifi in all accommodation options
  • All accommodation options are within 40 minutes' journey time of school
  • Friendly and safe environment
  • All homestays have study facilities
  • You'll be the only person of your nationality in a homestay, unless you ask to stay with a friend
  • Arrive on Sunday and depart Saturday or Sunday

Homestay accommodation in Brighton

Homestay is when you live in the home of a local person.

All accommodation options are within 40 minutes’ journey time of the schools and have free WiFi.

This is cost-effective accommodation solution in Brighton which gives you an inside view of the culture of British people. Living in homestay accommodation provides you with the perfect opportunity to experience English life and to practise using your English in everyday situations. Our carefully selected hosts offer a friendly, safe home environment, all within 30 minutes of school. We can offer a range of homestay options including single or twin/double rooms, shared or sole use of bathrooms.

Choosing your meals

You select your accommodation option when you book your course, and you can choose the room type you want and also the meal package.

  • Most students choose ‘half-board’ which means you have breakfast in the mornings and an evening meal.
  • If you only want to be given breakfast each day, then choose “B&B”, which means bed and breakfast. With this option you won’t have access to a kitchen so will have to arrange your own meals outside the homestay.

Because you’re in or around the school during the day, you can get lunch from any of the different sandwich shops, cafes and restaurants within easy walking distance of the school. Please note that you can’t generally use the kitchen in your homestay to prepare your own meals. If you want that flexibility, you should consider “self-catering” - which means ‘preparing your own meals’- in a residence (see below).

Special diets in your homestay

When you book your course and accommodation, you will have the opportunity to tell us about your dietary needs. Most homestays can cater to a no pork, or a vegetarian diet at no extra cost. You’ll just need to let us know.

For a celiac, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free or nut-free diet, there is a supplement to pay of 30 GBP per week. Please speak to us if you have any concerns or questions.

A close up shot of well manicured hands clutching a mug of black coffee. The wearer has a chunkily knitted jumper on with grey cuffs and orange and white sleeves, knitted in a chevron pattern.
Two English language students from Brighton are photographed whilst eating a meal around a pale wood table. It looks like they may be eating dessert, and there is a large round white teapot on the table. This is taken in one of ELC Brighton's homestays where English language students can book shared room accommodation.
A lovely photo showing an older host laughing with a younger international English language student in one of ELC's homestays in Brighton. The host is dressed in a vibrant floral jacket of green, brown and pink. They're sitting adjacent to each other at the dining table and toasting each other with mugs of tea.
A photo of brightly painted houses in a terrace going down the hill in Brighton. This is Blaker Street in Kemptown, and each home owner has painted their house in a different colour. In the shot we see different shades of blue, an orange, peach and bright pink house.
Someone is lying on a sage green sofa, resting on her elbows and looking at her phone. She looks relaxed and you get the impression she's at home - maybe in an ELC homestay.
A photo of three adults sitting on a leather couch in the living room of a Brighton home being used for executive students. It appears that the couple hosting are speaking to the student who is wearing jeans and a checked white and blue shirt. The room shows exposed wooden floorboards.
A hand grabs for a piece of well-done toast which has popped up from a bright orange toaster.
A late evening photo of the bandstand on the seafront in Brighton. The structure has been totally renovated and the detailed iron work is partly silhouetted against the sky.
A very confident-looking seagull sits on a railing on Brighton pier. You can see back across the water to the i360 viewing platform, which is close to the English Language Centre in Brighton.

Residence self-catering accommodation in Brighton

Residence accommodation is when you live independently with other students and share facilities like a kitchen and living area. If you are aged 18 or over and prefer the freedom and flexibility of self-catering accommodation, we can offer an ultra-modern residence with ensuite facilities about 10 minutes’ walk from ELC.

Britannia Study Hotel has 134 bedrooms and is located in the heart of Brighton within 5 minutes’ walk of Churchill Square shopping centre, the seafront, 2 supermarkets and many restaurants, pubs and cafes.

The study bedrooms include ensuite bathroom (shower, WC and washbasin), small double bed with storage, desk, chair, wardrobe (with laptop safe), bedside table and small fridge. There is also free high speed wireless internet access. All bedding, linen and towels are provided. You are responsible for cleaning your room.

The study hotel facilities include kitchens/TV lounges (’hubs’) on every floor, cafe lounge on ground floor, coin-operated laundry, card entry with 24-hour security and CCTV. The kitchens and communal areas are cleaned daily.

A typical study room in the Britannia residence in Brighton which ELC English language centre offers to its students. The floor is an oak-coloured laminate with darker wood wardrobe and desk. It looks clean and stylish.
At kitchen area at the Britannia Hotel in Brighton. You can see a fairly small work area with a hotplate, microwave kettle and sink.
A double bed in the Britannia Student Residence in Brighton. There are orange cushions on the bed and a brighter orange blanket across the foot of the bed.
A student lies on her front on her bed, propped up by her elbows and a pillow, looking at her phone. What else?
The seating area in Britannia student residence, with dark wood chairs and a round table. It just needs some English students to arrive and have a nice chat about their day at ELC Brighton.
A student is enjoying breakfast in a student residence. She has a coffee cup in her hand a croissant on her plate. All's right with the world.
It looks like the wardrobes in Britannia residence in Brighton (which ELC uses) has a safe for valuables. That could be handy. There are also some nice chunky coat hangers.
A photo of a bathroom with grey tiles and a shower cubicle, with white towels waiting to be used.
A pair of textured, knitted cream socks on someone lying cross-legged in bed, their feet poking out from under a white duvet on a white sheet. That's all we can see. They look very happy feet.

Hotels and guest houses in Brighton

Hotels are a good, premium option if you prefer the privacy, freedom and flexibility this option provides, and you’re at least 18 years old. Guest houses are similar to hotels, but with the added ability to choose between “bed and breakfast” or “bed, breakfast and evening meal”. Hotels are usually “bed and breakfast” as part of the package, and then you pay for other meals separately.

There is a wide range of hotels to choose from in Brighton and you are free to book your own hotel room if you prefer. At ELC we negotiate the cheapest rate we can to provide a uniform price per night throughout the year, based on minimum 7 nights’ stay. To receive ELC rates, you’ll need to choose your preferred hotel or guest house option when you book, and all fees must be paid to ELC in advance. The hotels we list are within 5 - 15 minutes’ walk of ELC in Brighton. If you choose to reserve your own hotel, we recommend you check how far it is from the school, and how easily you can travel between the school and the hotel.

Please note that on occasion, it may be cheaper to book directly with the hotel. ELC is not responsible for the hotels listed on our website.

Special diets in your hotel or guest house

Most hotels can cater to vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free diets at no extra charge. To be sure, please check with the hotel if you have any special dietary requirements, or contact us to ask a question.

A photo of a double bed at the Claremont Hotel in Brighton. There is a painting of the sea above the bed.
A photo of the dining room at the Claremont Hotel in Brighton. There are black leather-effect chairs place by square, black-topped tables. Lots of light is coming in through the big bay windows.
A single room at the Claremont Hotel in Brighton. There is a single bed, with a red and white striped footer to the bed and matching curtains. The rest of the room is painted white.
A lovely garden to the rear of the Claremont Hotel in Brighton. You can mainly see a large expanse of grass, and there are a two sets of tables and chairs out. One is wooden, the other is white metal.

Frequently asked questions about accommodation in Brighton

What accommodation should I book if I'm less than 18 years old?

If you're an unaccompanied student at ELC and you are aged 16 or 17 and booked onto an adult course, you must normally choose half-board homestay accommodation.

How far are homestays from the school in Brighton?

Brighton homestays are typically about 15-20 minutes by bus to school, maximum 30 minutes journey.

How will I travel from my accommodation to the school?

All accommodation is either in walking distance or on a bus route to school.

Where can I buy bus tickets to get me from my accommodation to the school in Brighton?

We sell weekly bus passes at reception. For longer stays it is cheaper to buy through the special bus app. You usually need a letter from the school to prove you are studying with us. Please ask at reception once you are at the school, and we'll explain how it works.

Can I have a homestay in walking distance?

We only have a small number of hosts in walking distance. Most of our homestays are a short bus journey from school, typically 15-20 minutes, maximum journey time 30 minutes. However it is only ever 1 bus journey and buses stop in front of the school so it is normally very easy.

What if I am not happy with my accommodation?

If you are not happy with your accommodation, you can speak to the Accommodation and Welfare Officer who will try to help you find a solution.

Will my homestay host do my laundry?

Your host is required to do a reasonable amount of laundry for you (one load of laundry per week) included in the homestay fees. If you are over 18, you can make a request to your host to do your own laundry, if you prefer.

Can I stay in a shared room in homestay?

If you are travelling with a friend, partner or husband/wife, you can share a twin/double room, subject to availability. We do not put strangers together in the same room.

Will my homestay provide lunches at weekends?

Normally lunches are not included at the weekends.

Can I change homestay if I have a problem?

It is important that you are happy where you are living. If you have a problem, you can speak to a member of our Accommodation team and we will help you find the best solution. Sometimes problems are because of mis-communication and misunderstanding that can be solved quite easily. However, if it is a bigger problem, we can help you change homestay.

Can I cook my own meals in homestay?

You cannot use the kitchen facilities in your homestay. If you would like to cook your own meals and you are over 18, you can choose to stay in residential accommodation.

Are there any restrictions or conditions when you live with a homestay?

As an adult there are no curfews and most students have independent lives but clearly you should also be respectful of the host family. There is a curfew of 11 pm every night for students aged 16 and 17.

How will I get to the homestay when I arrive in the UK?

You should make your own way to your host family. If you let them (or us) know your arrival time, they will be waiting for you at home. We can advise you on the best way to get to your family from the airport or if you would like to use ELC's airport transfer service, you can book this when you're booking your course and accommodation.

Will there be other students staying in the homestay?

There may be other students staying in the homestay but you should be the only student guest from your country. If there are other students in the family they should not be from countries which speak the same language as you. This is a very strict rule made by ELC, and we will find you other accommodation immediately if this rule is broken by the host family.

What will the meals be like in my homestay?

We hope you'll enjoy the food you eat in your homestay. If there is something you cannot eat because of your health or for religious reasons, please let us know when you book to help us to find you a suitable host family. Breakfast will usually consist of tea or coffee with cereals or toast.

What will my room be like in my homestay?

You will be given your own room (unless you ask to share with a friend). Your room should contain a chair, table and lamp suitable for studying, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers or dressing table.

What will the hosts in my homestay be like?

Your homestay hosts will not always be a "typical homestay family", e.g. two parents with children. A couple or a widow(er) whose children have grown up and left home, or an otherwise single person all make excellent "homestay families".

Can I stay with my homestay provider over the Christmas holiday?

You may be able to stay with your family over the Christmas holiday. If you do, you will be asked to pay a supplement of £50.00 for lunches on the 25th (Christmas Day) and 26th (Boxing Day) of December.

When should I arrive at my accommodation?

You should normally arrive arrive on Sunday and leave on Saturday or Sunday. Accommodation is paid for in units of one week and we are not able to give you a reduction part of a week.

Policies and procedures about accommodation

If you have any questions about accommodation in Brighton, please do use the chat function or the contact form, and we’ll be pleased to help you out.

Let us know your questions