Meet friends, have fun and keep speaking English after class

The social programme is a weekly offering of activities which complement your English language lessons.

A social activity gives you an opportunity to meet new friends and discover everything Eastbourne and the UK has to offer, and it’s a great way to extend and practise your English. Some activities are free of charge, some are with a group leader whilst others are suggestions for you to do with friends or on your own, some have a fee which depends on the duration, the distance and the cost of the activity itself.

When you arrive at the school in Eastbourne on your first day, we’ll explain how activities work, and what you have to do to sign up (reserve a place) on the activities, trips and excursions that you’re interested in.

Once you’re in school, we can also help you to plan other things you might like to do independently.

Social programme

Monday 4 December (afternoon) Walking Tour of Eastbourne

A photo of Eastbourne pier where the most noticeable feature is the golden domes on top of the main building on the pier as well as some other smaller cupolas. You can see the wooden supports of the pier. The sea is calm and is a sage green colour in the shallows, and dark blue out on the horizon.

Meet: Student Lounge
Time: 15.30


Tuesday 5 December (afternoon) Christmas Party 2024!

We invite all our hosts, partners and students to celebrate the season with us!
Meet Student Lounge: 4pm


Wednesday 6 December (afternoon) Bake and decorate gingerbread men

and then eat them with a cup of tea.
Meet Student Kitchen: 15:40


Thursday 7 December (afternoon) Bake Sale and Decorating the Christmas Tree

If you have any uneaten gingerbread men from yesterday, you can sell them to raise money for charity!
Meet: Student Lounge 15:40


Friday 8 December (afternoon) Sovereign Harbour Festivities and Light Display

See the reindeer We will visit the marina to see the light display
Meet student lounge 13:30


Monday 11 December (afternoon) Ice Skating!

Seasonal fun!
Meet: Student Lounge
Time: 15:40


Tuesday 12 December (afternoon) Photo Hunt: Mission Impossible!

Meet: Student Lounge
Time: 15.$0
Exciting prizes for the winner! Special Christmas Edition!


Wednesday 13 December (afternoon) Ginger Bread House Making

Meet: Student Kitchen
Time: 15:40


Thursday 14 December (afternoon) Meal at Italian restaurant

Come and say farewell to the many friends leaving this week.
Meet: In front of school
Time: 19:00

From £12

Friday 15 December (afternoon) International Food Party

Meet: Student Kitchen
Time: 13.30

Free - bring your own food!