We'll help you get here safely

Our teams in all three schools are there to look after you, before you arrive, during your stay, and until you’re back home safely.

Our admissions team will speak to you from the moment you enquire or book with us, and keep in contact to make sure every aspect of your trip is planned, so we’ll talk to you about things like:

  • booking the right course for you and your level of English
  • choosing the best options
  • finding the right accommodation to meet your needs and any special requirements you have
  • managing your payments and booking you in

The academic team will:

  • assess your level of English before you arrive
  • find out more about your objectives and reasons for coming to England
  • place you in the most appropriate class for your level of English

Once you’re in school, the reception team will be there every day to help you with things like:

  • planning travel and transport locally
  • help explaining how things work, how to get established and feel settled in England
  • tips on where to eat and things to do
  • plan trips and excursions through our social programme

Top priority considerations

The two things we really want you to think about in the run-up to your trip are transfers and insurance.

We need you to have insurance, just in case anything goes wrong, and you need to be clear about how you are going to travel to your accommodation after you arrive in the country. Those are the two most important ways we can make sure you arrive safely.