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Learn English in England with top ranked schools in Brighton, Eastbourne and Chester

Why choose ELC?

The ELC group offers a wide range of English language courses throughout the year at 3 highly ranked schools in the UK.

Centres of Excellence

ELC Brighton is the joint No1 language school in the UK*. English in Chester and ELC Eastbourne are in the Top 5%.

Our experience

Since 1936 in Eastbourne, 1976 in Chester and 1962 in Brighton.

Our locations

3 beautiful locations with their own unique character, close to international airports and easy access to London.

Our schools

Each school offers friendly, caring and safe learning environments with personal attention and continuous support.

Our accommodation

We offer quality accommodation within 30 minutes of school.

*based on EL Gazette's review of British Council inspection reports 

What our students say

"I'd recommend ELC because it's a professional school, it's well-located and overall there is a good environment for studying."

Student testimonial photo Bianchi at ELC Brighton
Giampiero Bianchi,
Italy, Executive Mini-Group

"The course has been very useful, practical, with clear aims and thought-provoking. The insight and content of the course were very focussed on the main issues of CLIL. The course was very well developed with clear insights into CLIL."

Student testimonial photo Ochoa at ELC Brighton
Vicky Ochoa,
Spain, CLIL

"My host family helps me with English and I will miss them a lot. I was worried before I arrived if they might not be friendly and if I could understand English but all is OK. Everyone I have met at home and in the town is very friendly."

Student testimonial photo Hilal at ELC Brighton
Remi Hilal,
Syria, Summer Vacation

"I've been here for almost six months, when I arrived here I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t understand anything and I’ve been improving a lot so I think it’s a very good school!"

Yuliany, One of our Study Year Programme students from Colombia at ELC Brighton
Yuliany Ibañez,
Colombia, Study Year Programme

"I love to live in Brighton, it’s an amazing city. You can feel free and you can feel safe."

Rodrigo, One of our Study Year Programme students from Colombia at ELC Brighton
Rodrigo Santos,
Colombia, General English

"I like the school because of our social programme. It is really good - we can do a lot of activities and also the parties. I like that there is table tennis so we can play during break times."

Student Bannwart
Cyril Bannwart,
Switzerland, Cambridge FCE

"All lessons are given by friendly and professional teachers. There is an excellent approach to teaching with a great passion. The teachers are always on hand to help even after class."

Student Parkinson
Narkiz Parkinson,
Kazakhstan, Cambridge CAE

"My host family is like my real family. My host mum always takes care of me like her own daughter. My room is big and she always cleans it!"

Student Lim
Soyeon Lim,
Korea, IELTS

"It has been a very good experience. It is a useful course and I have got more confidence in English. My fluency is better. I feel this experience has made me a more open person. Normally I am shy but it is easier now to start a conversation."

Student Summer
Vera Konovalova,
Russia, Summer Plus

"The students are really nice and the school is really nice, I think I'd really like to come again and study with the really good teachers here."

Student Testimonial Artur Ciesielczyk at ELC Eastbourne
Artur Ciesielczyk,
Poland, General English

"I chose England because I think it is a great place to learn English.  It was an opportunity to get to know England and also some other countries in Europe."

Student Testimonial Luis Alejandro Mojica Suaza at ELC Brighton
Luis Alejandro Mojica Suaza,
Colombia, IELTS

"I chose Eastbourne because there are fewer Spanish speakers at this school and you are obliged to speak in English if you want to talk to people."

Student Testimonial Germán Martinez Alvarez at ELC Eastbourne
Germán Martinez Alvarez,
Spain, Cambridge CAE

"You have a lot of amazing people here, it's a beautiful city, close to London and you have the sea. It's amazing!"

Student Testimonial Filippo Crivelli at ELC Brighton
Filippo Crivelli,
Italy, General English

"I think it's very good and I do like my teachers because they are very energetic and they give all the necessary information I need."

Student Testimonial Evgenii Rodin at ELC Eastbourne
Evgenii Rodin,
Russia, Teacher Training

"It was an amazing experience here, I met so many people from different countries, so many interesting people. I had a really nice teacher Jess. I learnt a lot, I improved my English a lot and it's been a really good time."

Student Testimonial Jens Wuethrich at ELC Brighton
Jens Wuethrich,
Switzerland, Cambridge CAE

"My host family were lovely and always encouraged me to talk with them to help me learn English... I have been going on the social programme and have met a lot of new friends there."

Ji Won
Ji Won ,
South Korea, Study Year Programme

"I chose to study at ELC Eastbourne because it was a smaller town, which meant I could meet people more easily... because the school is smaller, you can make more friends easily."

Amer ,
Saudi Arabia , Study Year Programme

"I heard a lot of things about ELC from friends who have previously studied here. The staff are all very helpful, the teachers are good and know how to teach very well, Brighton is a good city and it is lovely by the sea. Everything is perfe...

Naif Almarri
Naif Almarri,
Qatar, General English

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