Meet friends, have fun and keep speaking English

The social programme is a weekly offering of activities which complement your English language lessons.

A social activity gives you an opportunity to meet new friends and discover everything Brighton and the UK has to offer, and it’s a great way to extend and practise your English. Some activities are free of charge, some are with a group leader whilst others are suggestions for you to do with friends or on your own, some have a fee which depends on the duration, the distance and the cost of the activity itself.

When you arrive at the school in Brighton on your first day, we’ll explain how activities work, and what you have to do to sign up (reserve a place) on the activities, trips and excursions that you’re interested in.

Once you’re in school, we can also help you to plan other things you might like to do independently.

Sample social programme

Monday afternoon Brighton walking tour

A group of students pose as one of the group takes a selfie. For now they're just outside the ELC Brighton building but it looks like they might be off on a walking tour of Brighton.

Monday evening Cinema night

A pink neon sign with the words "Movie Night" and a blue arrow indicating a direction off to the left.

Tuesday afternoon i360 flight

This photo shows the shiny glass, doughnut shaped observation pod of one of Brighton's most recent tourism additions - the i360, which is a 162 metre tall moving observation tower on Brighton seafront. The sky behind this structure is blue and is partly reflected in the glass.

Tuesday evening Jazz jam

A close up, studio shot of a jazz group playing on stage. We can see a saxophonist, double bass player, a vocalist and a pianist. They're standing in front of a red curtain and a bright stage light is shining on them from the right of the picture.

Wednesday afternoon Glow in the dark mini golf

A photo courtesy of Globalls in Brighton to promote their surreal, glow-in-the-dark indoor crazy golf which is popular with ELC students.

Wednesday evening Football on the big screen

A library image of a group of students watching a football match on a projected screen and cheering. The photo is heavily stylised and created for the camera, but it gives a feeling of friendship, football and a good night spent together.

Thursday afternoon Chess club

A hand lifts up a king or a queen during a chess match. We can't tell as their fingers are grabbing the top of the wooden chess piece.

Thursday evening Secret Discotheque (18+)

An image taken in a nightclub. You can see that people are dancing, but they are silhouetted against bright white lights and purple and red spotlights. Looks good!

Friday afternoon Bowling at Brighton Marina

A stock photo of someone bowling. The person has just thrown the bowling ball and it's still in shot, but the people behind are already cheering. Maybe it's encouragement, maybe they know something we don't.

Saturday full day trip Harry Potter studio tour

A photo of the enormous model of Hogwarts which was used for filming of the Harry Potter films. The photo was taken at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London – The Making of Harry Potter

Sunday full day trip Stonehenge and Bath

A photo of Pulteney Weir in Bath. It has a series of oval steps that the water runs over, which is visually appealing. In the background is Pulteney Bridge which is apparently one of only four bridges worldwide with shops across it on both sides.