A unique place to learn English

Chester is an English city with 2,000 years of heritage, excellent shopping and a lively nightlife. Come here to combine famous northern hospitality with an exciting array of excursions and a busy social programme, fast connections to several international airports (including London), and a vibrant cultural life.

A location map which shows where Chester is, relative to Liverpool and Manchester
A close-up shot of some of the metal signs in Chester. These are black cast iron signs attached to a post, pointing to different landmarks, labelled in white writing. The signs we can see are to the Roman Amphitheatre, the River & The Groves, Deva Roman Centre. In the background you can see some of the mock-tudor buildings in white and black.
A photo of the Steam Mill in Chester which was built in 1786, orginally to mill corn and flour. The building is a prominent red brick building with lots of roofs at different angles.
A photo of the suspension bridge over the River Dee in Chester.

ELC Chester is a great place to study and make friends

Our English language school in Chester is based in 3 elegant buildings in Stanley Place, a small historic square in the old walled city of Chester.

As a location, Chester might appeal to you if you’re ready for something a little different, or you’re a big fan of the outdoors, as there is a world of adventure on your doorstep.

This photo shows the red brick buildings which make up ELC in Chester. The main part of the image shows a three-storey high brick terrace of town houses, with blue doors. The street is cobbled and there is a tree in the foreground whose green leaves overhang the top of the picture.

Quality teaching and a northern welcome

ELC Chester has been ranked by EL Gazette (the English Language Gazette) in the top 2% of language schools in the UK, and is the only year round English language school in Chester.

We work hard throughout the year to keep very high standards, to pursue teaching excellence and to improve continually.

You’ll see a rich mix of nationalities represented in Chester, and an older average age of student which makes for a relaxed atmosphere.

Meet some of our teachers

Our student regional mix

  • Western Europe: 51.8%
  • Eastern Europe: 12.7%
  • Central & South America: 4.6%
  • Africa & Middle East: 4.6%
  • Asia (exc. Middle East): 9.4%

School info

  • Founded: 1976
  • Classrooms: 21
  • Students: 60 off-peak; 200 peak
  • Maximum class size: 12
  • Average class size: 10
  • Minimum age: 16

Red brick architecture with a warm and friendly interior

Three buildings nestled close together with:

  • Free internet and wifi access
  • iPads, TVs
  • Student common room
  • Coffee room
  • Self-access learning centre
  • Dedicated language training centre for 25+ students
  • Computer room
  • Patio garden

Discover our building and facilities

Your home from home

We offer the choice of homestay, hotels and guesthouse, and self-catering student residence accommodation. All are within 40 minutes of our school.

Accommodation options in Chester

This is a photo of one of the actual ensuite residences used by ELC English language school in Chester. It shows a bed with a salmon pink cover, and similarly toned wheeled office chair at stylish and modern white desk.
This is a photo of one of our homestay hosts standing in the doorway of her home. You can see beautiful old red brick to her left, and behind her is a magnolia coloured wall with an oil painting in a gold frame.
Someone looking at their phone and smiling. We think they're at home in their homestay because they definitely wouldn't have their phone out during their English class in Chester.
British rooftops - typified by ornate chimney pots.

Culture & Countryside in equal measure

Chester itself has a lot to offer, with its Roman heritage, walled city and lively nightlife, and you also have the big cities of Liverpool and Manchester close. But if you are looking for beautiful, unspoilt British countryside, you’ll be right at home here. We are close to some of the most stunning landscapes, from North Wales, to the Peak District, Lake District and the Pennines.

See a sample social programme

A photo of part of the Peak District, which is easily accessible from ELC English language school in Chester. This shot is taken near to a famous hill called Mam Tor.
One of the lock gates on the Shropshire Union Canal which flows through Chester.
The ornate inlaid floor of Chester Cathedral.
A photo of a white rowing boat in the middle of a large pond. There are five of our ELC English language students on board the boat. The two at the front look a little bit worried that the person rowing can't see they might be just about to hit the boat in front. It looks like it might be his first time at rowing a boat. It all looks like great fun.

Travelling to and from us

When it comes to course arrival and departure, your most comfortable and stress-free option will be to transfer from and to your preferred transport hub with our approved local taxi providers.

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  • Liverpool Airport: £85 each way 40 to 60 minutes
  • Manchester Airport: £85 each way 40 to 60 minutes
  • Meet and greet for under 16s: Liverpool/Manchester airports: £95 each way 40 to 60 minutes