Welcome to your school

Our English school in Eastbourne is a great place to learn English. Located in the centre of town, it is only 5 minutes’ walk to the beach, the train station and the main shopping centre.

The school in its current form has:

  • 2 buildings with 20 classrooms
  • free internet and wifi access throughout
  • interactive whiteboards, iPads, TVs
  • large student lounge with table-tennis table
  • a student kitchen
  • a games room with pool table and PCs
  • a study centre and computer room
  • a spacious garden

Facilities features

  • Bright rooms with big windows and high ceilings
  • A lush garden with space to relax and chat
  • Big open spaces and games rooms in school
  • A quiet street just a short walk from the centre of town
  • Warm, welcoming atmosphere

A beautiful school environment

ELC Eastbourne is quite a spacious school with lovely shared spaces. There’s a warm and positive atmosphere in the school and we think you’ll settle quickly and make new friends in no time.

An aerial photo of Eastbourne's seafront, which uses a fish-eye lens to which makes it look like the beach is curving away from view. The pier is prominent in the shot, as is the sandy coloured beach. The sea is an inviting turquoise colour.
Students focus on a listing activity in the study centre at ELC English language school in Eastbourne. By chance the two students in view appear to be wearing matching white jumpers and matching headphones making the shot look quite interesting.
A photo looking down the stairwell of ELC Eastbourne. It's just a photo of stairs really, with an appealing wooden balustrade to hold onto.
The entrance hall of ELC Eastbourne, with its wooden floor and crystal chandelier.
One of the teachers in ELC Eastbourne picks up on a grammar point during classes in general English
A photo of the white and cream facade of the front of ELC's English language school in Eastbourne. The blue sign outside the columned entrance portico matches the dark blue sky. The photo is taken from low down, looking up which makes for a striking shot with interesting, slightly distorted perspective.
The computer room at ELC in Eastbourne, which is a great place to work collaboratively, take practice English tests or use the internet access to research or just watch films.
Five clocks on the wall in ELC English language centre in Eastbourne, showing the different times of day in Abu Dhabi, Eastbourne, Tokyo, Zurich and Bogota.
A lovely photo of students relaxing between English lessons in the ELC Eastbourne garden. It is located to the rear of the school and is very peaceful. The photo is almost entirely green taking in the lawns and shrubs behind.
The spacious and high-ceilinged student lounge in Eastbourne has to be one of the best features of this beautiful Victorian villa building. The wooden floor has groupings of modern-looking curved seating units in blue and grey and the room is well lit as sunshine floods in from the full-height bay windows.
A photo of the green grass leading down to Birling Gap, one of ELC CEO Phil Hopkins' favourite places. From this gap in the cliffs you can walk down to the beach and look at the stunning chalk cliffs rising up on each side. Birling Gap is easily accessible from Brighton and Eastbourne where ELC English language centre has schools.
The tabletennis table at ELC Eastbourne, with two yellow-sided bats placed ready for the next game.
An example of one of the classrooms in ELC Eastbourne. It's looking very tidy. The tops of the desks match the flooring and the tables are arranged into a horseshoe layout which is good for communication around the rooom. There is an interactive TV screen that the teacher and students can use in different ways to enhance their English language learning experience.
Four students are playing a doubles match of pool on the pool table at ELC Eastbourne. This, along with the tabletennis table is a popular option in the school during breaks between English lessons.
A photo of Eastbourne taken from the hill towards Beachy Head. You can see some of the typical red-brick houses, the pier and the bay disappearing into the distance. It's striking how green the town is.
A photo of the Towner Art Gallery in Eastbourne which shows off the building's unusual multi-coloured exterior, made up of triangles of vivid colour set against the pale blue of the sky.
A photo of Osama Mohammed Mohammed Almaty from Yemen looking up at the camera during his English lesson in Eastbourne.

A relaxed and authentic town on the south coast of England

Eastbourne is a quiet and safe town - a traditional seaside town famous for its beautiful setting between the green hills of the South Downs, the white cliffs of Seven Sisters and the sea. It is also famous for being the sunniest town in Britain. The school is located right in the centre of Eastbourne so all the town’s facilities are within easy walking distance.

Discover Eastbourne

A map of the south east corner of England showing the location of Eastbourne relative to London airports and the ferry port of Newhaven.
A seafront photo of Eastbourne taken from the west side. The pier can be seen jutting out into the sea towards the top of the photo, as the beach extends round to the left and the emerald sea takes up most of the rest of the shot. The sun is shining and the white hotels on the seafront are very noticeable.
A photo of the English Language Centre in Eastbourne, which occupies an impressive villa. There are steps up to the ornate arched entrance way and the fresh green trees ground the building nicely. The sky is blue and some of the top-floor dormer windows in the roof are open.
A rare but spectacular shot of the seafront in Eastbourne looking towards the Martello tower and the cliffs behind. The whole photo is bathed in orange light (or a very good filter).

An historic language school

ELC is a prestigious English language school group which has a rich history. Today ELC group is the number 1 English language school group in the UK according to EL Gazette’s review of British Council inspection published statements.

Find out more about the history of the English Language Centre, and how it all started.

The history of ELC

A very old photo of someone sitting in the seat of a hand-pulled carriage on the promenade with Eastbourne pier in the background.

Our teachers

We have a close-knit, collaborative team of teachers and teacher trainers at ELC Eastbourne, who take a pride in their work. They make time to support you as a student of English so you can progress in the best way for you.

Meet the Eastbourne team

A photo of the academic team at ELC Eastbourne. Everyone looks really friendly.