The courses at ELC Schools are primarily aimed at adults aged 18 and over but we also welcome students under the age of 18. The minimum age on most brochure courses is 16. On occasion, ELC Brighton, ELC Chester and ELC Eastbourne accept closed groups of students aged from 12 to 16. These groups are accompanied by group leaders. ELC Chester also offers a Summer Course for Teenagers (ages 13-16) at a different site within the University of Chester campus. ELC has a responsibility to provide a safe & healthy learning environment for all our students and staff but especially for students under the age of 18 and vulnerable adults.

Students aged 16 and 17 booked on adult courses

Most brochure courses at ELC Brighton, ELC Chester and ELC Eastbourne, with the exception of the Summer Course for Teenagers 13-16 in Chester, are primarily aimed at adults aged over 18 but we do welcome students aged 16 and 17. Our Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy document describes how we care for students aged under 18 but you should note that for students aged 16 and 17 booked on adult courses:

  • ELC does not provide 24 hour supervision
  • students aged 16 and 17 will study in classes with adults
  • students will travel between homestay and school unsupervised
  • students will be unsupervised outside lesson times and the time spent at homestay
  • on full-day weekend excursions to other destinations, students will normally have about 2 to 3 hours free time unsupervised for shopping

Parental agreement

Before arrival at ELC, we require the parents/guardian and student aged under 18 to sign and send to ELC a “Parental Agreement” to confirm that they understand the systems and rules that we have in place for the welfare of under 18s and the level of supervision that we provide for under 18s. ELC will initially speak to the student about minor breaking of the rules. ELC will inform the parents in the case that the student is regularly not abiding by the agreed terms of the Parental Agreement, or immediately in the case of a serious breaking of the rules.


In the case of students under 18, we normally require that they stay in homestay accommodation. Alternative arrangements where the student will have adult supervision, such as staying with a family friend, will be accepted provided we have written confirmation of the arrangements from the parents at the time of the enrolment. We would not expect individual students aged under 18 to stay unsupervised in a hotel or guest house.

For more details about our child protection and safeguarding, including the staff code of conduct and our procedures for caring for students aged under 18, please see