Welcome to England!

ELC Brighton, ELC Eastbourne and ELC Chester offer a wide choice of high quality English language courses in a warm, friendly and professional environment. Each school and region has its own unique character but all of the staff at each of the three schools are passionate about providing comprehensive, practical courses and very personal service.

The group of three schools is ranked the No 1 group of English language schools in the UK by EL Gazette in its review of language school groups and chains.

Our English Courses for Adults aged 50 plus in the UK

Our 50-plus courses are a popular blend of English language tuition in small, friendly groups, and guided social activities and excursions.

The 50-plus courses at ELC’s schools in Eastbourne and Chester are specifically designed for adult students aged 50 or over who wish to combine practising their English at a quality language school with an extensive programme of visits, activities and excursions in the company of like-minded people from around the world. ELC has more than 30 years of experience in delivering English language courses for mature learners.

In the mornings, for 20 lessons (15 hours) per week, you will study English in a multinational 50-plus class at your level. In the afternoons and at the weekend you will join the dedicated 50-plus social programme.

What’s really nice about this programme is that your teacher will go out on the afternoon excursions with you, so you have a local guide and language mentor with you to answer all your questions, keep you learning, and to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Other ideas for over 50s

If you’re not quite ready to relax, and you would like to improve your English for professional situations (and you just happen to be over 50 too), then there are some other options to consider below, such as a business English course, the 25+ programme in Chester, or one-to-one English lessons.

Course features

  • We will give you a test so your class is at the right level for you.
  • You’ll be in a multi-national group for your English classes.
  • You get a fully guided social programme with your teachers.
  • All course books and materials are included.
  • End of course certificate with hours of study and final level.

Where to study English for ages 50 plus in England

Here you can see which courses are available at each of our locations.

If you know where you would like to study, you can choose your course and location here. If not, see our explore the courses below or learn about our locations.

Courses Brighton Chester Eastbourne
English for ages 50 plus

Your choice of 50+ English courses in England

Apart from being over 50, we do also need you to have at least an A2 level of English. If you’re not quite at that level, then maybe start with some one-to-one English lessons. If you’re not sure of your level you can take our quick test.

Find your English level

Our language learning levels relate closely to how the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) define them, but with a difference which we have found to help our students at Elementary level.

ELC levelEquivalent CEFR levels
Upper A1 Lower A2

We offer an English level test which anyone can take. It involves 50 questions and, depending on your level, will probably take you from 10 to 20 minutes. At the end of it, we will tell you your probable level.

But when you book, we will ask you to take a more detailed and accurate test, to make sure that you start in the class which is best for you.

Test your English level now

Is an English class dedicated to over 50s right for you?

There’s something very nice about turning 50.

Whether you’re just the other side of half a century, or you’re a few decades older, the hope is that you’ve achieved plenty, any family responsibilities are diminishing, and you’ve got a little bit more time on your hands. You may equally be still working intensively, and juggling everything life throws at you, which is an even more deserving reason to have a really rich and complete English language learning experience in England!

Whatever stage you’re at in life, it’s great to find out more about other people from around the world - to compare and contrast cultures and lifestyles, as well as absorbing the best that England has to offer.

A photo of the green grass leading down to Birling Gap, one of ELC CEO Phil Hopkins' favourite places. From this gap in the cliffs you can walk down to the beach and look at the stunning chalk cliffs rising up on each side. Birling Gap is easily accessible from Brighton and Eastbourne where ELC English language centre has schools.
Students working together in class on the English for 50+ course which is reserved for people aged 50 or older. The course is a combination of English classes in school and excursions and outings together as a group with a teacher always present. It's a very popular course both in Chester and Eastbourne.
A sunset, aerial photo of the River Dee. The water is calm, the sky white and yellow, and the buildings and trees to the left of the river are bathed in golden sunshine.
A photo of a Morris Dancer holding an accordeon. Morris Dancing is a form of English folk dance, the dancers will often use bells attached to their shins, sticks and other items to create rhythm as they dance. Morris dancing is over 500 years old.
A striking photo of the bandstand on the seafront in Brighton. The structure has been totally renovated and the detailed iron work is silhouetted against the sky.
A photo of some of the lakes which can be found high up in the mountains in Snowdonia, an area of outstanding natural beauty in north Wales. Students from ELC Chester can go on excursions to north Wales at weekends.
This photo shows some of the shop front above street level in Chester, set against a brilliant blue sky. The buildings have a tudor look to them, built from black timber beams filled with white plaster. The leaded windows are made up of hundreds of small rectangles of glass.

Cool places that are small enough to be friendly, big enough to be fun

We offer year-round English language courses in three English locations. All our schools are classic, historical buildings with up-to-date, modern language learning facilities, and a warm and friendly welcome.

Map of ELC’s locations in England at Brighton, Chester and Eastbourne, with indications of their distance from major cities, airports and national parks. Brighton and Eastbourne are on the south east coast next door to the South Downs National Park and not far from London Gatwick and London Heathrow airports. Chester just to the east of north Wales is close to Liverpool and Manchester airports and roughly half way between Snowdon National Park and the Peak District National Park. An overlaid scale of 50km helps to show that Brighton and Eastbourne are about 120km from central London, and that Chester is about 35km from central Liverpool and 65km from central Manchester.
A photo of the seafront at Brighton which shows an array of white buildings and the sand-coloured pebble beach. There is a large white ferris wheel in the foreground, and a scattering of people sitting looking out to sea.


Brighton and Hove is a lively, cosmopolitan seaside city of about 300,000 people with a vivid cultural life. It is about 85 km – 1 hour – south of central London and surrounded by the beautiful Sussex countryside. Learn more about Brighton

A photograph of the famous Eastgate clock in Chester which stands high above the road on a section of the Roman walls. The clock has a round white face with black roman numerals and hands, and lots of ornate black metalwork filled in with orange and gold panels. The letters VR are above it, visible against the turquoise dome roof, and the date 1897. This was erected in memory of Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee.


Chester is an English city with 2,000 years of heritage, excellent shopping and a lively nightlife. It is 30km from Liverpool and 60km from Manchester – major cities of around half a million people each. Learn more about Chester

A seafront photo of Eastbourne taken from the west side. The pier can be seen jutting out into the sea towards the top of the photo, as the beach extends round to the left and the emerald sea takes up most of the rest of the shot. The sun is shining and the white hotels on the seafront are very noticeable.


Eastbourne is a traditional seaside town that’s regularly the UK’s sunniest place. It is about 120 km from central London. The beautiful South Downs national park rises up directly from the western end of its seafront. Learn more about Eastbourne