One-to-one lessons (private English tuition) in Eastbourne

Our one-to-one courses are ideal if you wish to add some extra, intensive private tuition to the main course you are taking. We even offer two-to-one or three-to-one course options for any colleagues who wish to study together.

  • Maximum students: 1
  • Minimum age: 16
  • Minimum duration: 1 week
  • CEFR entry level:
    1. A1
    2. A2
    3. B1
    4. B2
    5. C1
    6. C1+

Founded in 1936, ELC Eastbourne is one of the oldest English language schools in the UK, and ranked in the Top 5% of language schools in the UK. It is a medium-sized school with modern facilities, a beautiful garden, and its small, friendly atmosphere creates a welcoming learning environment for students.

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A close up of a man wearing a black T-shirt looking across at the person opposite, in a one-to-one situation. He's concentrating intently on what that person is saying, and thinking hard by the look of it.

Course options

  • Tuition and registration: £1,230.00 for 1 week
    • 20 lessons over the course of 15 hours
    • Includes £90 registration fee
    • Choose your duration below
  • Course intensity

Next steps

Course features

  • Before arriving, you do an online test so your class is at the right level for you.
  • We conduct regular progress checks and set homework every day.
  • Regular individual tutorials with your teacher for private help and study advice.
  • All course books and materials are included.
  • You can use the self-access study centre after lessons to practise and improve.
  • End of course certificate with hours of study and final level.
  • One-to-one classes to focus on your specific needs.
  • We conduct a pre-course needs assessment to get your course just right.
  • Each course is tailor-made to the needs of the participants.

Is a one-to-one English course right for me?

These courses are great if you:

  • need to make rapid progress, and you can’t stay in Eastbourne for a long time
  • need to make a lot of progress, for example, move up several levels in a short time
  • want to focus on a specialist area of language, for example for work
  • prefer private tuition instead of being with a group of other people.

Frequently asked questions

Can I choose my host family?

We will try to match you to the best available homestays during your stay. The more information you can give us, the better we can match you. Please let us know, for example, if you smoke, if you have any allergies or special diet requests, if you like pets etc.

What’s the closest airport to ELC in Eastbourne?

London Gatwick airport is the nearest airport to Eastbourne, then London Heathrow airport. From Gatwick there are direct trains to Eastbourne (about 55 minutes). From Heathrow the train takes about 2 hours 35 minutes and you will have to go into central London. Alternatively we can arrange taxi transfers. These take about 60 minutes from Gatwick to your accommodation and 90-105 minutes from Heathrow.

Is the school open on UK public holidays? Is the school open at Christmas?

We are open on every public holiday except for 2 weeks over Christmas when the school closes for lessons. However some of the administration team will check emails over the Christmas period.

Can I use my credit card at the school

Yes, you can, we accept all major credit/debit card providers.

Is there a car park at school in Eastbourne?

No, we don’t have a student car park available. However, there is a public car park about 5 minutes’ walk from the school. The price is around £7 per day.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, you should get travel insurance. ELC can provide travel insurance and you can add insurance when you book your course. Alternatively you can buy travel insurance in your own country through your local agent.

Can I have online lessons

Yes, you can book individual one-to-one online lessons. However, we do not offer online group lessons.

Find your English level

Our language learning levels relate closely to how the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) define them, but with a difference which we have found to help our students at Elementary level.

ELC level Equivalent CEFR levels
Upper A1 Lower A2

We offer an English level test which anyone can take. It involves 50 questions and, depending on your level, will probably take you from 10 to 20 minutes. At the end of it, we will tell you your probable level.

But when you book, we will ask you to take a more detailed and accurate test, to make sure that you start in the class which is best for you.

Test your English level now

And finally...

If you’re not sure if an individual English course is right for you, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise you personally.

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