6 things you might not know about Eastbourne

A landscape photo of Eastbourne sea front where you can see a lot of the beautiful Regency buildings along the sea front, the promenade, the Pebble Beach, the emerald blue sea and the pier just close to the horizon.

Eastbourne is along the coast from its louder cousin, Brighton. Eastbourne is a real gem of a town, it's a bit more laid back, and has some serious claims to fame!

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Photo of Mark Hill

6 things you might not know about Eastbourne!

  1. Eastbourne is best known as a fashionable Edwardian seaside resort. However, the history of this southern English town stretches back much further. It is known that from 500 BC, there was a Celtic settlement in Eastbourne and on the South Downs above the town. It’s also thought that a Roman lord lived here, thanks to evidence of a particularly impressive villa.
  2. Eastbourne has appeared in these blockbuster movies; Harry Potter; James Bond – The Living Daylights; Brighton Rock; Made in Dagenham; Pearl Harbor; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; Diana, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging; to name but a few! And adverts include the Rugby Football Union and Nike (picture courtesy of Visit Easbourne. 3.The Norman Invasion started here! William the Conqueror’s army landed in Pevensey Bay, just outside of Eastbourne on the 29th of September 1066.
  3. The Grand Hotel Eastbourne is England’s *only 5 seaside hotel**.
  4. Eastbourne is in the Top 10 of the UK’s happiest towns

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  1. 34% of the population of Eastbourne is under 30 years old and the estimated average age is 44.7

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View of Eastbourne from Beachy Head