One-to-One private English lessons in Chester

ELC Chester is a great place to take private English lessons. It is ranked in the Top 2% of language schools in the UK and is the only year-round English language school operating in Chester. Our school offers a very warm welcome, with excellent teaching and accommodation options.

The city of Chester is a wonderful destination for international students of all ages - it is safe and friendly, with plenty of things going on to keep you entertained, with excellent shopping and a wide range of places available to eat and drink. It also has quick, easy access to international airports, and is close to Liverpool, Manchester and the stunning scenery of North Wales.

  • Maximum students: 1
  • Minimum age: 16
  • Minimum duration: 1 week
  • CEFR entry level:
    1. A1
    2. A2
    3. B1
    4. B2
    5. C1
    6. C1+

You can choose these standard options:

  • 20 lessons (15 hours) per week
  • 30 lessons (22.5 hours) per week
  • 35 lessons (26.5 hours) per week

Other options

  • If there are two of you at the same level of English, with the same needs, and you book and study at the same time, we are also able to offer two to one lessons. If this option interests you, please contact us directly so we can provide you with more information.
  • If you are studying on another programme such as our General English course, it is also possible to supplement your group lessons with a number of individual lessons to form a combination course. If this interests you, please go ahead and book your main group course, and we’ll be able to add one to one lessons afterwards.
A professional photograph of one of the main streets in Chester which shows the mock Tudor buildings with the walkway underneath. The street appears to disappears off into the distance due to the perspective.

Course options

  • Tuition and registration: £1,355.00 for 1 week
    • 20 lessons over the course of 15 hours
    • Includes £95 registration fee
    • Choose your duration below
  • Course intensity

Next steps

Course features

  • Before arriving, you do an online test so your class is at the right level for you.
  • We conduct regular progress checks and set homework every day.
  • Regular individual tutorials with your teacher for private help and study advice.
  • All course books and materials are included.
  • You can use the self-access study centre after lessons to practise and improve.
  • End of course certificate with hours of study and final level.
  • One-to-one classes to focus on your specific needs.
  • We conduct a pre-course needs assessment to get your course just right.
  • Each course is tailor-made to the needs of the participants.

Why would you choose individual tuition in Chester?

There are many reasons for choosing to take a one-to-one course with ELC in Chester. Your teacher will design your course according to your specific needs based on a detailed needs analysis you complete before the course starts.

You may want 1:1 lessons to:

  • learn the language very quickly ahead of an international transfer or job posting. You might be an international sports person, a senior executive, an actor. You might not be - and that’s fine as well!
  • prepare for an important presentation, negotiation or meeting
  • focus on a particular area of vocabulary important for your job
  • prepare for an important exam
  • build up vocabulary and expressions for a hobby or sporting interest that you will do internationally develop your confidence in communicating in English

If you are studying on a full-time course at ELC Chester like General English, 25+ or an exam preparation course, you can choose to add a few private lessons in addition to the full-time course in order to focus specifically on your needs. For example, you could choose to take 1 to 5 additional private lessons, either in total or every week.

A private class or consultation session is underway at ELC where the teacher has time to help someone on an individual basis.

One-to-one English classes around the UK

You don’t have to stay in one place. If you’re planning on taking one-to-one classes for some time, you can spend time in each of our three English schools. Here is a similar course at the other two schools, Eastbourne and Brighton.

Find your English level

Our language learning levels relate closely to how the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) define them, but with a difference which we have found to help our students at Elementary level.

ELC level Equivalent CEFR levels
Upper A1 Lower A2

We offer an English level test which anyone can take. It involves 50 questions and, depending on your level, will probably take you from 10 to 20 minutes. At the end of it, we will tell you your probable level.

But when you book, we will ask you to take a more detailed and accurate test, to make sure that you start in the class which is best for you.

Test your English level now

Reasons to contact us about your individual 1:1 English course in the UK

You can contact us at any time, via the chat or contact form, and we’ll be happy to help you personally.

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to have a conversation with us:

  • You’re not sure if you’re ready for our one-to-one English course, and you’d like to be sure before you book
  • You want to check the course dates that are available before you book your flights
  • You want to know more about what, exactly, you’ll study on the course you choose, so you’d like to speak with one of our academic advisors.

Let us know what questions you have, and we’ll be happy to help you personally.

Let us help