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ELC Blog | Why ELC is the best place to learn English

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Students looking to learn English in England are faced with an over whelming number of choices and are faced with the tough question "where is the best place to study English?". Even once a city is decided upon; there ELC computer roomis still a massive pool of international language schools to choose from.

ELC is a not-for-profit school and we believe it is an excellent choice for anyone looking to learn English. Below we highlight the reasons why we think so:

  • Over 50 years’ experience – founded in 1962, ELC Brighton has built an international reputation for providing high quality English language courses. Our teachers have a wealth of experience of teaching English and therefore providing the best possible service for students.
  • Charitable educational foundation – as a not-for-profit school, The English Language Centre exists solely to provide all our students with the best teaching and learning facilities that we possibly can. Further to this we are member of English UK, Quality English, Business English UK, The English Network and are accredited by IALC and the British Council.
  • Tailored courses – At ELC there are a wide range of courses to choose from, ranging from General English and full-time Examination courses to English for Engineers. We also offer additional one-to-one lessons which allow students to focus on issues related specifically to them.
  • Our students say so – when we speak to our students about their experiences, we are always delighted to hear how satisfied they are. They are always happy to join us for a chat and are happy to let us record them so others can hear about their experiences, to see some of our testimonials look at our YouTube page.
  • Fantastic transport and services in Brighton – Moving to a new city in a foreign country can be a daunting experience, however Teaching at ELCthe ease of public transport in Brighton helps students to adapt and get around. Furthermore students always find Brighton to be a wonderful and interesting city. This helps them during their time as they avoid becoming bored and are able to practise their English away from the classroom! Aside from everything to do in Brighton, transport links to London are brilliant. It only takes about an hour to get into London meaning students can visit the capital city whenever they desire.

So although there are so many English language schools around, we believe that choosing to study English at ELC may just be one of the best choices you can make! We have all the top acceredations and years of experience which is what makes us one of the top English language schools in England.

For more information on the courses we offer click here.

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