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English Summer Vacation courses in ELC Brighton, England

Summer Vacation course at ELC Brighton

Our English language Summer Vacation Course takes place at our summer centre in Brighton, ELC Loxdale. The Summer Vacation Course is designed for young adults typically aged 16 - 22. It consists of half a day of English language study in international classes. For the rest of the day you can choose to join the social programme, do further self-study or have free time to explore Brighton.     

Lessons are designed to develop your confidence and fluency in communicating in real-life English. They cover speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar.


  • placement test to ensure a class at the right level
  • multi-national classes
  • regular monitoring of students' progress
  • qualified and experienced teachers
  • regular homework
  • end of course certificate with hours of study
  • all course materials provided
  • full social programme available at extra cost

Summer Vacation Course Social Programme

We offer a full social programme of afternoon and evening activities Monday to Friday with full-day guided excursions at weekends. We offer a flexible choise of options:

  • book and pay for activities on a 'pay-as-you-go' basis
  • book a package of activities for £75 per week. The package includes 1 activity per day Monday to Friday and 1 full-day guided excursion at the weekend per week booked

Sample Timetable

Week   One






9.00 - 10.30

Placement Test - listening - grammar   - reading - writing Orientation and Social Programme

Grammar/Speaking - Present simple/   continuous tenses - revision/analysis - guided & free practice - have /   have got

Vocabulary development Theme: Sport -   describing sequences Writing development - emails / texts

Grammar - future forms (going to   & will) - presentation & practice Pronunciation - weak/strong forms

Grammar / vocabulary - revision test   - error correction Speaking Class mingle - "weekend plans" to   practise & reinforce grammar point

10.30 - 11.00






11.00 - 12.30

Speaking - class mingle -   introductions Grammar - question forms review Listening Song: word order/gap   fill

Speaking/Grammar - Video e.g. Mr Bean   - describing scenes/ actions using Grammar / have got

Speaking/Listening - text completion   grammar/ speaking - instructions & descriptions Theme: Hobbies/free time

Computer session Speaking - preparing   presentations

Pronunciation - monothongs Speaking   Ask & Tell Board Game

12.20 - 13.00







Tour of Brighton




Visit to Lewes


Football and Badminton

Beachy Head Tour


Sports and Board Games


D V D Free

Brighton Museum/Art Gallery



Welcome evening for new Students




Student Disco


NB: On occasions lessons may alternate between mornings and afternoons on a weekly basis.

  • Course Summary
    Display Currency:
    Course code
    Course name Vacation Course
    Dates Start Any Monday Available (Add to basket to choose date options)
    Maximum Class Size 12
    Minimum Age 16
    Lessons Per Week 20
    Hours Per Week 15.00
    From Level CEFR A1
    To Level CEFR C1+
    Price (1-4 weeks) £225.00 per week
  • Test Your English


    The following table shows the levels we use at ELC.

    ELC Level Level Aims
    C2 Upper-advanced - use English very well in demanding situations
    - performance level may be above average native speaker
    C1 Advanced - use English well in all but the most demanding situations
    - use and understand complex language
    B2 Upper-intermediate - use English effectively in all familiar situations
    - use more complex English and cope with more demanding situations
    B1 Intermediate - use English to express simple ideas and achieve results
    - use range of basic language well in most situations
    A2 Pre-intermediate - use English in most familiar situations
    - use English in a limited way in more difficult situations
    A1/A2 Elementary - develop English skills to 'survival' level
    - use English only in very familiar situations
    A1 Beginner - learn basic vocabulary and structures for simple communication