Our Summer English courses for teenagers at ELC Chester

Our course, run at another venue in Chester close to the city centre, offers you fun, enjoyable and challenging opportunities to increase your confidence in English and learn about the culture and customs of other nations.

  • Maximum students: 14
  • Minimum age: 13
  • Minimum duration: 2 weeks
  • CEFR entry level:
    1. A1
    2. A2
    3. B1
    4. B2
    5. C1

The course is for individual teenagers and mini groups so every student is treated as an individual.

The morning lessons focus on actively improving communication in spoken English. The afternoon excursion/activity programme creates the perfect environment to develop language, social and sporting skills.

Key features

  • an excellent nationality mix
  • homestay accommodation with welcoming and caring families
  • a high staff to student ratio (1 member of staff to every 10 students outside school, 1:15 in school)
  • a maximum of 120 students on the entire course
  • no large groups
  • all tuition along with a varied, high-quality and busy social programme
A close up of a young student of English looking off to the left. The shot is tightly cropped. You can see there are people in the background but you can't see their faces.

Social programme

The social programme is one of the outstanding features of the course and is an integral part of the whole language learning experience. It includes:

  • 2 discover Chester / discover UK activities per week
  • 2 half-day activities per week
  • 1 half-day excursion per week
  • 2 evening events per week
  • 1 full-day weekend excursion on mid-course weekends
A photo of a large group of ELC English students all standing at the very top of a round tower at Conwy castle in North Wales. The tower is very old and is made of stone and the photograph has been taken from another tower or a position equally high up on the castle walls. In the background we can see lots of trees in a dense woodland.

Airport transfers - important

Please note that when you book this course, you will be given the option to choose an airport transfer. Unless you are travelling as a parent or guardian of your under-18 child or children, please select the Meet and Greet service option on arrival and departure.

The meet and greet airport transfer option is compulsory for under-16s travelling independently, and it is strongly recommended for 16- and 17-year-olds.

Course options

  • Tuition and registration: £1,095.00 for 2 weeks
    • 40 lessons over the course of 30 hours
    • Includes £95 registration fee
    • Choose your duration below
  • Course intensity

Next steps

Course features

  • Before arriving, you do an online test so your class is at the right level for you.
  • We conduct regular progress checks and set homework every day.
  • You’ll be in a multi-national group for your English classes.
  • All course books and materials are included.
  • End of course certificate with hours of study and final level.
  • You’ll get a complete activity programme, 7 days a week.
  • High staff to student ratio (1:10 outside school, 1:15 in school) and 24-hour supervision.

Who is this course for?

Our Summer English course for teenagers is perfect for children aged between 13 and 16 years of age who wish to improve their English language communication skills in both academic and real world settings.

Our course requires students to have CEFR ability between levels A1 to C1. If you are not sure of your level, you can test your English level.

ELC English students on a summer excursion to Liverpool. Here we see four students standing by the edge of the Albert Dock with the water behind them. In the background are buildings which were once the warehouses where goods were stored to be sent overseas or having been imported into England.

Frequently asked questions

I am 16, should I choose the Summer Course for Teenagers (SCT) or General English (GE)?

The Summer Course for Teenagers is a vacation course with lessons in the mornings and activities & excursions in the afternoons and weekends. You study in a separate centre with students aged 13 to 16. General English is a more intensive course, with lessons all day (except for Friday afternoons) at our adult centre. We recommend this course if academic development is a priority for you.

When does the Summer Course for Teenagers (SCT) start?

In 2024 our Summer Course for Teenagers runs between 01 July and 09 August. 13 to 16 year olds can book a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 4 weeks. If you are 16 years of age or older you can also book our General English 16+ Course.

My son/daughter is 16/17, so they’re not actually an adult yet. How do you manage that if there are also older students on the course?

We seek to provide a safe and welcoming learning environment for all students. We do have a special responsibility for students aged 16 and 17 and vulnerable adults. In British law, 16 & 17 year-olds are children so various laws apply to ensure that they are protected whilst in the UK. As a parent or guardian, you do need to be comfortable with your son or daughter mixing with older students.

What does my child do in the evenings?

As the parent or guardian of older teenagers, you will need to decide if you are going to allow your teenager to go out from their homestay in the evenings. This is something you can discuss together and tell us what you would like to happen.

Are the activities safe?

All aspects of your child’s experience in the UK has been analysed in advance, and elements like the activities and excursions we offer are carefully risk-assessed. We have many years of practice in making sure activities and excursions in particular are very well organised. We have procedures and processes in place to ensure we anticipate and avoid problems before they arise, but also, if something does happen, we have agreed plans and actions to take to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Does my child need to be back home after classes by a certain time?

Yes, they need to be home for dinner by 6pm, Mondays to Fridays.

Are there progress checks? We want them to learn even though they’re on an English summer camp.

Yes, your child will meet us on a formal basis once a week to go through their progress and to make sure everything is going well for them in their English classes. We are available for them informally as well, Monday to Friday, to check their welfare.

How do we get in touch with the summer camp in case of emergency?

You will be given a 24-hour emergency contact number and the main school number.

What’s the closest airport to ELC in Chester?

Manchester Airport and Liverpool Airport are the closest to Chester, at 45 and 35 minutes’ drive respectively. We can organise an airport transfer for you from these airports to your accommodation in Chester. Or alternatively you can use public transport. Some students also choose to travel to Heathrow Airport in London. This is only recommended for experienced travellers as you will then have to take the Underground to central London and then a direct train to Chester (CTR).

What transfer do I book for my under-18 child if they are studying in Chester?

If you are sending your under-18 child or children to study English with us in Chester, and they are flying into Manchester or Liverpool airport, the meet and greet airport transfer option is compulsory for under-16s travelling independently, and it is strongly recommended for 16- and 17-year-olds when they arrive and leave England. This ensures they will be collected from arrivals by the driver for added safety.

What if my child has an accident whilst in the UK, or if there are activities we don’t want our child to participate in?

In the rare event that your child has an accident or is taken ill, we’ll use the information you provide in the Safeguarding Form to allow us to get emergency access (e.g. dental or medical and surgical treatment) as considered necessary by the medical authorities present. The same form also tells us which activities your son or daughter can or cannot take part in.

Is there a curfew?

A curfew is the time by which your child should be back home in their chosen accommodation. For students aged 16 and 17 on adult courses, the curfew is 11.00 pm every day. For students on the Summer Course for Teenagers it is 8 pm every day. Please do not ask us to make these curfew times later.

What happens if my child breaks the rules?

We will talk to your son/daughter on arrival and go through the policies we have so they know what rules we have. We will also inform their host of what has been agreed. If there is a problem with your child breaking any major rules or regularly not following the agreed terms, we will contact you so that you know and to discuss a solution.

We know this might seem scary at first...

Don’t worry, we know what it’s like as a parent sending your teenager overseas, maybe for the first time. And if you’re the one travelling, you might be a bit anxious as well as excited.

We’ve been organising these summer programmes for teenagers in Chester for many years, and we do everything we can to keep you safe, so you can relax, learn lots of English, make many friends and see the amazing things that England has to offer. We can’t wait to welcome you to our school, but if you have questions for us before you book, please use the chat function, or send us a message. See you soon!

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