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English Language courses for Teachers ELC Brighton, England

Courses for English Language Teachers in Brighton

The English Language Centre (PIC 943968790), Brighton, England is an educational charity with over 50 years’ experience in delivering training courses for teachers of English. All our UK training courses for teachers are held at the school in Brighton.

Erasmus+ Specialist support

With over 15 years’ experience in Erasmus+/Comenius course provision we have developed a complete service not only in delivering quality training to teachers but also in providing detailed support to the sending school. This level of service will not only save the sending school days of work, it will also protect the sending school if there is an Erasmus+ inspection.

To further enhance the service we provide ELC also works in close partnership with Shadows Professional Development for Europe (PIC 949086219).  Shadows Professional Development is an Erasmus+ Schools specialist, with over 20 years’ experience in Comenius/Erasmus+ Course Provision, leadership and management of large scale projects (school and international), and E.U. Project  assessment: 

  • 5 Comenius Regio projects,    2 recommended as “exemplary” and used as models in Brussels: Migrant Education, CLIL, Continuous Teacher Professional Development, Earth Charter Ecology and Learning to Learn.              
  • A Multilateral bid  worth E290,000 (19 European partners) and 3 successful Schools              Bi-Lateral Partnerships
  • Guidance of schools’ KA1 applications   - more than 1.5 million Euros Erasmus + grants for 2014-2017

Examples of 2014-16 Erasmus+ school applications:  Italy - 34,000 Euros won assessed at 98%   UK- 86,000 Euros won assessed at 96%       Italy- 26,000 Euros won  assessed at 100%

Our Courses 

See the box for our main teachers' courses. In addition we offer

TR1 - Intensive General English - Course Description

TR2 - Language & EFL Methodology - Course Description

TR3 - Language & UK Culture - Course Description

TR4 - Language & CLIL - Course Description

TR5 - Language & Classroom Technology - Course Description

TR6 - Language & English for the Primary Classroom - Course Description

TR7 - Language & English for Business - Course description

Course Descriptions

All course descriptions fulfil rigorous Erasmus+ requirements:

  • Language Entry Levels
  • Total Course Contact Hours
  • Pre-Course, Intra-Course and Post-Course Modalities
  • Course Content and Topics Covered
  • Course Objectives
  • Daily Programme & Timetable
  • Outcomes


  • A signed  Erasmus+ Mobility Agreement and a signed Erasmus+ Quality Commitment are prepared in detail and sent with the Confirmation and Invoice
  • ELC’s Certificate of Attendance has an original signature and fully complies with Erasmus+ regulations
  • ELC validates the Europass Mobility the Sending School completes with Course Provider details required by Erasmus+ 
  • Test Your English


    The following table shows the levels we use at ELC.

    ELC Level Level Aims
    C2 Upper-advanced - use English very well in demanding situations
    - performance level may be above average native speaker
    C1 Advanced - use English well in all but the most demanding situations
    - use and understand complex language
    B2 Upper-intermediate - use English effectively in all familiar situations
    - use more complex English and cope with more demanding situations
    B1 Intermediate - use English to express simple ideas and achieve results
    - use range of basic language well in most situations
    A2 Pre-intermediate - use English in most familiar situations
    - use English in a limited way in more difficult situations
    A1/A2 Elementary - develop English skills to 'survival' level
    - use English only in very familiar situations
    A1 Beginner - learn basic vocabulary and structures for simple communication