CELTA course in Brighton

The Cambridge CELTA course is one of the world’s best qualifications to learn how to teach English. The course succeeds as a format because it is based on you having a high level of fluency in English. This allows the CELTA course to focus on developing your practical abilities teach the language to others, and how to manage the language classroom. Whether you’re a new teacher looking for your first teaching job overseas or in the UK, or you want to prove to employers that you have the necessary teaching skills with a recognised certificate, our Cambridge CELTA Preparation course for teachers is a really good option.

  • Minimum age: 18 (20)
  • Course duration: 4 weeks
  • CEFR entry level:
    1. C1+

* Minimum age: although our minimum age is 18, students will ideally be aged 20 or over.

The CELTA is also the main initial English language qualification looked for by employers in British Council accredited schools in the UK. The CELTA course at ELC Brighton will give you the skills and confidence to begin teaching English and an internationally recognised English qualification.

ELC Brighton’s CELTA course is a very practical introduction to teaching English as a foreign language and is suitable for participants with little or no teaching experience. Once you have successfully completed the course, you will be able to apply for jobs in the UK or overseas. We provide guidance on where and how to apply for a job.

Entry requirements

In addition to minimum age:

  • You should normally have a minimum standard of education equivalent to that required for entry into higher education – for example, 2 A-Levels or equivalent.
  • If English is not your first language, we would require C1+ level – normally Cambridge CPE or IELTS 8.5.

Application process

  1. Download the application form from this page, using the big green button.
  2. Complete the CELTA application form which you can access on this page.
  3. We will invite you for interview (face-to-face, skype or online).
  4. If you are successful at the interview, we will offer you a place on the course.

For more information, contact us, or email your completed application to the address to be found in the application form.

Three students chat together during their English language lesson in ELC language school in Brighton

Next steps

Course tuition is £1,300 for 4 weeks.

Next course in 2024

Course features

  • This is a 4-week, intensive and highly challenging course.
  • Minimum of 120 contact hours between participants and course tutors.
  • 6 hours’ assessed teaching practice per candidate, supervised by a course tutor.
  • Supervised lesson planning to give you maximum support.
  • Individual feedback on the impact of your teaching practice.
  • Individual tutorial support and consultation with trainers.
  • Peer observation of teaching practice, i.e. watching the other candidates’ lessons.
  • 6 hours’ observation of lessons taught by experienced ELT professionals.

Is a CELTA course right for you?

Our CELTA course would be suitable for you:

  • if you have no experience of teaching English yet, but you’re keen to start, and you want to do things properly
  • if you already have a little experience of teaching English, but you’d like to develop your skills
  • regardless of whether English is or isn’t your first language
  • if you’d like to get an initial TEFL qualification to be able to travel and teach English overseas

We think the CELTA course gives you much more besides the foundations of teaching English - it also helps you to:

  • build your confidence to facilitate groups and manage people
  • stand up and present confidently in front of others
  • collaborate with people from a wide range of different cultures and backgrounds
  • develop your ability to improvise, think in the moment and deal with the unexpected
  • work under pressure and and manage your time and priorities

Any questions?

This is the big one - the course that could take you round the world, and give you all the skills you need to embark on a career teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL). It’s not everyone’s cup of tea though, and the application process is designed to highlight any concerns that might mean you find the course too challenging, or where we think there is a risk of you not passing it.

Yes - you can fail the CELTA course.

We expect there to be questions, and we’d love to hear yours. Please get in touch to tell us about your circumstances, your reasons for considering the CELTA and what you’d like to know before you apply.

Drop us a line and tell us all about you