3 reasons why executive English courses make a positive impact on your business

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We pull apart the essential components of a good executive English course, so you know what to look for, and how it will help you.

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Business English courses in England: what you need to know

You are thinking about doing a business English course in England. So now you are asking yourself a question: Why? What will you get out of it? How exactly will this help you in your job? We list here the 3 most obvious reasons why doing a business English course in England will help you to do your job, and so help your business.

English ability

Obviously, doing a course at an English language school will improve your ability to use English. You will have an opportunity to practice the 4 skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing. And “practice makes perfect”, as we say in English. This means that your ability in using English will improve. You may also learn more about the theory of language- about grammar or syntax- and this can also help a lot. Overall you will increase your understanding of how the English language works and how to use it more correctly.

Put simply, you will get better at English and this will make doing your job in English easier. Any kind of professional knows that they need to practice their skills to improve them – and business executives are no different.

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Business communication skills

A good Business English course will include a lot of focus on the key business communication skills- things like meetings, presentations or emailing. You should learn lots of useful, practical things that will help you to get better at these communication skills, whether in English or in your native language. When you return to your job you will find that, for example, meetings in English are easier for you. Or that giving a short presentation in English is something that you are no longer so scared of.

This focus on practical and professional communication skills is one of the things that makes a business English course so different to a general English course. It is also one of the most important areas for you personally as a course participant because it can help you to do your job more effectively.


The result of an improvement in ability plus a focus on useful communication skills is that your confidence in English will increase. Of course, you can do your job already and you are good at it, but being asked to do it in a different language can be a little scary! Many perfectly capable managers will refuse to answer a telephone if they think the call is in English, or ask a colleague to write an email for them. This is simply not professional. You need to be able to take more of an active part in meetings and answer the telephone without fear.

So, perhaps the most important reason of all for doing a business English course in England is that your confidence will increase. You will feel more secure using English in your job and therefore you will be able to relax and just get on with your job, without worrying about which language you are speaking.

At the English Language Centre in Brighton, we have many years’ experience helping executives and business professionals to improve their practical capabilities in English.

Unlike many schools, we have specialised business trainers working in a dedicated business suite who know how to design courses specifically for any participants’ needs. We are experts at adapting our work to suit the participants, always focussing on the professional needs of the people in the room. We can help anyone to bring out their best when using English in their job, including you.