Top 3 reasons why you should visit Brighton

This photo shows one of Brighton's most recent tourism additions - the i360, which is a 162 metre tall moving observation tower on Brighton seafront. It looks like a large nail that has been hammered into the beach. The rest of the photo shows the pebble beach, the green sea and a blue sky.

Brighton is a visually stunning, vibrant city by the sea, and a UK favourite. Here are 3 good reasons for visiting.

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1. The seaside

A professional photo of Brighton pier with a narrow depth of field which focuses in tightly on the "Brighton Pier" over the buildings. The sun is low in the sky and the lights up and down the pier are starting to glow in the dusk light.

The seafront in Brighton is extremely beautiful and lively – it’s a great place to spend the day relaxing and having fun. During the day there are plenty of lively bars open as well as plenty of restaurants where you can find some traditional fish and chips! The pier is also a wonderful place to visit with big arcades, rides and plenty of attractions for everyone to enjoy!

2. Shopping

A photograph of Gardner Street in Brighton where the road has been transformed into a pedestrian only zone. There are lots of people walking up and down the street, looking in shops and sitting out at the tables provided by the cafes.

If you enjoy shopping then Brighton is a great town for you to visit. Brighton’s main shopping centre, Churchill Square, has over 70 shops! As well as the shopping centre Brighton also has high streets packed with major stores. Also on offer in Brighton are the Lanes and North Laine which provide 2 distinctly different areas to shop in. In the lanes you can find extravagant jewellery shops, and in the North Laines you can discover unique, one of a kind items in many of the independent shops.

3. Culture

Brighton Pavilion with its mixture of Indian-inspired minarets, towers and cupolas, with green vegetation in the foreground and fluffy white clouds behind.

There is a lot of culture to be experienced in Brighton. To begin, the Brighton Dome, which is part of the historic pavilion estate, plays host to a year round schedule of music, theatre and dance. The Royal Pavilion is also a great place to experience some culture, take a look inside this magnificent palace and be amazed by the décor and art work! There is also a lot of famous street art in Brighton featuring work from the famous Banksy!