Learning English Grammar #3 – “Your & You're”

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This blog post is part of a series of posts that aim to correct common English grammar mistakes.

Learning English Grammar the easy way – “Your & You’re”

“Your” and “You’re” are another set of pesky homophones that seem to cause a lot of confusion. No matter whether you’re from England or outside the UK, the only way you’ll get it right is to learn your English grammar.

“Your” is about ownership (similar to their). For example –

  • “Is that your bike?” = correct.
  • “Is that you’re bike?” = incorrect.

“You’re” is short for “you are”. For example –

  • “You’re from the UK” = correct.
  • “Your from the UK” = incorrect

Connor FitzPatrick is the newest addition to the English Language Centre Brighton and has worked within English language schools since graduating from university. One of his many jobs is ensuring all grammar and language is correct and accurate across ELC’s websites and all its social streams.