Our Teaching Business English course at ELC Brighton

Our Teaching Business English course is a practical, in-depth and incredibly helpful programme designed to improve the skills of teachers who work predominantly in the area of Business English.

It provides you with plenty of opportunities to develop your general language skills and review aspects of contemporary Britain while you study here. Each session within the course focuses on different aspects of teaching Business English, including intercultural awareness, using a business approach to grammar, and developing industry-specific vocabulary.

Our Teaching Business English course is perfect if you are a teacher looking to increase your skills within the Business English arena, particularly in adult education, vocational college or further education.

  • Maximum students: 12
  • Minimum age: 21
  • Course duration: 2 weeks
  • CEFR entry level:
    1. B1
    2. B2
    3. C1
    4. C1+

At ELC in Brighton we offer an intensive 2-week course designed to develop your skills in Teaching Business English. You study for 30 lessons (22.5 hours) each week from Monday to Friday, providing you with a total of 45 hours of tuition. Courses start in July and August.

Before you start your Teaching Business English course in Brighton

Once you book your course, we’ll send you a preparation pack, and before the start of the course we ask you to complete a pre-course questionnaire which will enable the course leaders to plan the Teaching Business English course so that it meets your needs, and those of your fellow participants.

Course activities

Our Teaching Business English course is designed to:

  • keep you up-to-date with developments in language teaching
  • expand your range of teaching techniques
  • encourage you to reflect on your personal teaching context
  • develop your fluency and knowledge of English
  • experience different aspects of life and culture in the United Kingdom

Course outcomes

At the conclusion of the course you should have:

  • improved personal English language skills
  • improved confidence in class
  • deeper sensitivity to cultural diversity
  • knowledge of other European systems of education
  • strategies, skills and activities for teaching
  • better knowledge of Erasmus+ potential for your own and others’ professional development
  • enhanced classroom methodological practice
  • ideas for improving students’ motivation
  • interpersonal skills and teamwork
  • better awareness of learning needs, difficulties and behaviour.

Erasmus+ funding

The Teaching Business English course at ELC Brighton may be suitable for European Union funding through Erasmus+. This has changed since Brexit so please contact your National Agency. See our guide on how to apply for EU funding.

Minimum class size

The minimum number required for the Teaching Business English course is four students. In the event that we receive fewer than four students, please be assured that we will not cancel your booking. Instead, we will give you 20 lessons per week of General English in the morning with 10 lessons in the afternoon focusing on language teaching methodology, in a one-to-one, two-to-one or three-to-one class, as appropriate.

A group shot of many English language teachers from around the world who have gathered for this photo in front of the ELC Brighton school building. It's a sunny day and all these teachers will have just completed a two-week English teachers' course. This photo was taken back in 2018, but it's a great photo showing lots of happy faces.

Course options

  • Tuition and registration: £1,005.00 for 2 weeks
    • 60 lessons over the course of 45 hours
    • From to
    • Includes £95 registration fee
    • Choose your dates below
  • Course intensity
  • Course dates

Next steps

Course features

  • You’ll be in a multi-national group for your English classes.
  • All course books and materials are included.
  • You can use the self-access study centre after lessons to practise and improve.
  • We conduct a pre-course needs assessment to get your course just right.
  • Each course is tailor-made to the needs of the participants.
  • Suitable for Erasmus+ funding applications.

Who is this Teaching Business English course for?

This course is perfect for teachers seeking to develop their language skills and abilities in the field of Business English, where you either teach English to business students, or you are involved in teaching business-related subjects in the English language, where English is not your first language. You need to be over 21 years old or older, and you should already be at CEFR B1 to CEFR C1+ level of English language ability.

Find your English level

Key questions answered

How are the teachers' courses in Brighton tailored to my needs?

We will ask you to complete a comprehensive pre-course questionnaire where you can tell us which areas you would like to improve and what your goals are. The course is then designed by the trainer to try to address the needs of all course participants.

Is it possible to study for 1 week only on a course for teachers?

All our teachers' courses are normally 2 weeks. It may be possible to study for 1 week only but we would normally ask that you choose the first week of the course. Please contact us for availability.

Is there a car park at school in Brighton?

No, we don’t have a student car park available. However, there is a public car park about 5 minutes’ walk from the school. The price is around £7 per day.

What’s the closest airport to ELC in Brighton?

London Gatwick airport is the nearest airport to Brighton, then London Heathrow airport. From Gatwick there are direct trains to Brighton (about 35 minutes) and direct coaches (about 55 minutes). From Heathrow there are direct coaches (about 2 hours 15 minutes). Alternatively we can arrange taxi transfers. These take about 35 minutes from Gatwick to your accommodation and 75-90 minutes from Heathrow.

Find your English level

Our language learning levels relate closely to how the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) define them, but with a difference which we have found to help our students at Elementary level.

ELC level Equivalent CEFR levels
Upper A1 Lower A2

We offer an English level test which anyone can take. It involves 50 questions and, depending on your level, will probably take you from 10 to 20 minutes. At the end of it, we will tell you your probable level.

But when you book, we will ask you to take a more detailed and accurate test, to make sure that you start in the class which is best for you.

Test your English level now