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Erasmus+ funding

English Language Teaching in Brighton, UK: Mindfulness in Language Teaching

The Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence in Language Teaching course run by ELC Brighton is eligible for European Union funding through Erasmus+. See here for details of how to apply for EU funding. ELC Brighton is also registered for participation in Erasmus+ and our PIC code is 943968790.

The MEI course is designed to help overseas teachers learn mindfulness and emotional intelligence for their own wellbeing and to apply in the classroom with their students. The content is taught using CLIL methodology to enhance both language and content learning.

In addition, you will have plenty of opportunities to develop your general language skills and review aspects of contemporary Britain.

This very practical course aims to provide participants with lots of ideas to help them reflect on and develop their current teaching practice by looking at: 


•Their own wellbeing and motivation as teaching professionals.

• Their intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.

• How they can improve the classroom environment and learning outcomes.

• Ways of teaching social emotional learning through a second language.

• Creative ideas to use video, song and texts in the classroom for specific purposes.

• Ways of incorporating mindfulness and emotional intelligence into primary, secondary and tertiary education.


For more detailed information see the Course Overview and Sample Timetable.

Note: The minimum number required for the Mindfulness in Language Teaching course is three students. In the event that we receive fewer than three students, please be assured that we will not cancel your booking. Instead, we will give you 20 lessons per week of General English in the morning with 10 lessons in the afternoon focussing on language teaching methodology either in a One-to-One or Two-to-One class, as appropriate.

  • Course Summary
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    Course code
    Course name Mindfulness in Language Teaching
    Maximum Class Size 12
    Minimum Age 21
    Course Duration 2 week
    Lessons Per Week 30
    Hours Per Week 22.50
    From Level B1
    To Level C2
    Price (1-4 weeks) £360.00 per week
  • Test Your English


    The following table shows the levels we use at ELC.

    ELC Level Level Aims
    C2 Upper-advanced - use English very well in demanding situations
    - performance level may be above average native speaker
    C1 Advanced - use English well in all but the most demanding situations
    - use and understand complex language
    B2 Upper-intermediate - use English effectively in all familiar situations
    - use more complex English and cope with more demanding situations
    B1 Intermediate - use English to express simple ideas and achieve results
    - use range of basic language well in most situations
    A2 Pre-intermediate - use English in most familiar situations
    - use English in a limited way in more difficult situations
    A1/A2 Elementary - develop English skills to 'survival' level
    - use English only in very familiar situations
    A1 Beginner - learn basic vocabulary and structures for simple communication