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When it comes to personal opinion, everyone thinks differently about what is the best English language school in Brighton. So we turn to the statistics and official inspection reports for the answer. We think you're going to like this!

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Which is the best language school in Brighton? Well, every language school says they are No 1 and it depends on your budget and what you are looking for. Perhaps the fairest thing to do is look at what independent inspection organisations say.

In July 2019 the British Council inspected ELC Brighton and awarded it the maximum 15 out of a possible 15 areas of strength in the final inspection report. This makes ELC Brighton not only the No 1 English language school in Brighton but also, jointly, the No 1 language school in the UK according to EL Gazette’s review of BC inspection reports.

The British Council’s accreditation scheme for English language schools is one of the most widely recognised and respected schemes in the world. As part of the accreditation scheme, schools have an inspection usually every 4 years in which British Council inspectors visit the school and look at every aspect of how the school is run from sitting in on classes and observing every teacher, to visiting some of the host family and other accommodation options to looking at how the school manages the welfare and safeguarding of all students but particularly students aged under 18.

ELC Brighton’s inspection was carried out over 4 days in July in the busiest week of the year which makes the language school’s perfect score an even better measure of its quality – maintaining high standards even when the school is full.

The English Language Centre is a not-for-profit educational charity with schools in Chester and Eastbourne as well as Brighton. ELC Eastbourne and English in Chester also had British Council inspections in 2019, the Eastbourne language school achieving 13 areas of strength while the Chester school achieved 14 strengths. These results make ELC the No 1 group of language schools in the UK and seem to demonstrate the charity’s commitment to excellence; aiming to offer the highest standards in teaching, training, services and facilities at all its schools.

So, to bring us back to the question that started this, if you are looking to study English at the best language school in Brighton, according to the main independent inspection body, that is The English Language Centre, ELC Brighton!

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