Over 50s English courses: everything you need to know

Four people who we assume to be over fifty years old out walking together in the woods and having a good laugh about something. This is just a representation of what it's like on our over 50s programmes - but we know everyone has a really good time.

We sum up some of the reasons why our 50+ English programme in Eastbourne works so well for participants.

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Our 50+ courses

Over 50s English Courses: Everything You Need to Know

ELC Eastbourne offers the best English courses for 50-plus students with its special packages in the spring and autumn. Not only do you get to experience a vibrant and cultured town by the sea, but you also get the opportunity to learn English with like-minded people and discover England with your new friends.

Let’s look at why ELC Eastbourne is the prime location for over 50s English courses.

Learning English in Eastbourne, the perfect location for the over 50s

Eastbourne Pier

Eastbourne is a beautiful seaside town, perfectly placed to offer a warm microclimate, an expansive seafront, the stunning South Downs and cultural landmarks hundreds of years old. It’s the perfect place to learn English for the over 50s as it has so much to offer and such high standards of tuition and customer service.

The fifty plus English courses that are offered at ELC Eastbourne are tailored not only to more mature and experienced students, but they use the local scenery and monuments to help you learn English. You’ll learn about the culture of Sussex and England in the classroom and then go out and about in the afternoon and a full day each week to see these sights for yourself.

It’s a great way to learn English and put everything you have learned into context, whilst socialising with your classmates.

You’ll visit Beachy Head, the South Downs, Birling Gap, The National Trust House of Rye, Battle Abbey, The Royal Pavilion in Brighton as well as many more famous places. And what’s more, the Eastbourne social programme operates on a four-week cycle so you’ll never see the same thing twice!

Learning English on the 50+ Sussex Experience

ELC Eastbourne offers three English language learning programmes in the spring and three in the autumn for the over 50s. The programme is called the ‘Sussex Experience’ as you get to experience everything that Sussex has to offer in the company of people your own age.

There are 15 hours of lessons a week and the lessons are connected to the social programme. You can spend from 2 to 6 weeks practising and perfecting your English.

Classes are small, no more than 12 people in a class and the levels tend to be pre-intermediate and intermediate. The course tutors are dedicated 50+ English teachers so you’ll have plenty of time to get to know them.

A home from home when on an over 50s English course

On the 50+ English courses at ELC Eastbourne, you have a huge choice of accommodation. Homestay is particularly popular, and for the over fifties, you will generally be placed with host families who are of a similar age to you.

This often means that your hosts are retired and have more time to spend with you, getting to know you and chatting about your day. This immersive approach to learning English means you learn more quickly, especially as you will never be sharing a house with someone who also shares your language!

You can be catered for or live in a homestay with bed and breakfast or self-catering. At ELC, we know that you are unique and so we want to make sure your accommodation when learning English in Eastbourne is tailored to you and your needs.

The best English course for the over 50s in the best location

You don’t have to be a certain sort of 50 plus year-old to enjoy studying English at ELC Eastbourne. You could be looking for a relaxed and chilled out experience involving seaside strolls, medieval castles and nice restaurants, or you might be the kind of 50 plus year-old who wants to mountain bike across the South Downs, play 18 holes of golf, and then swim in the sea to relax!

Whoever you are and whatever your interests, Eastbourne has it all. And in terms of learning English when you’re over 50, the unique programme ELC Eastbourne offers ensures you’re learning in a group with others of the same age, life experience and maturity. This leads to interesting and colourful discussions with people from other countries and cultures and an experience learning English that will last a lifetime!

Eastbourne from Holywell

Why not take a look at our course for 50+ here? We have over 80 years’ experience as a language school and over 30s years experience of delivering 50+ courses.