Learning english grammar the easy way – its and it’s

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This blog post is part of a series of posts that aim to correct common English grammar mistakes.

The only exception to the apostrophe rules in English is when using “its” and “it’s”. As it’s the only exception to the rule it gets everyone confused, beginners and native speakers alike (whether or not you’ve done an English course). “It’s” is used for the shortened version of “it is” only and never used anywhere else!

“Its” is used for ownership or possession where the owner is not masculine or feminine. (It is similar to “his” or “hers” but you only used it when the thing you are talking about is not a person)

“It is hot out today” – “it’s hot out today” = correct.

“Its hot out today” = incorrect.

“The car finally has its new wheels” = correct.

“The car finally has it’s new wheels” = incorrect.

Connor FitzPatrick is the newest addition to the English Language Centre Brighton and has worked within English language schools since graduating from university. One of his many jobs is ensuring all grammar and language is correct and accurate across ELC’s websites and all its social streams.

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