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ELC Blog | How to learn English and become fluent - Top tips!

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Top tips on how to learn English fluently

Millions of people attempt to learn a new language every year for a variety of different reasons, learning English is very popular but can sometimes be difficult and students can become overwhelmed with the challenge, to see why learning English may be important for you, click here. Below we are going to share our top tips on how to learn English to a high standard:

  • Study in England – England is the Home of the English language; our number one tip is to attend an English language school withESOE students at Conversation Club a good quality of teaching, such as ESOE that is internationally renowned for the high quality of its English language teaching. By spending time in England, students will be forced to communicate in English and will be in classes where they will learn to improve their English speaking listening and grammar.
  • English Homestay - Following on from the previous tip, choosing to stay in a homestay while studying in England is a brilliant choice, as you will continue to communicate with English natives after school time and have the chance to socialise with host families!
  • Practice! – There are always improvements to be made, so it is wise to practise as much as possible at home by doing extra work such as improving on vocab and grammar. Also you should try to speak English as much as possible outside of the classroom, socialising with other people in English is always useful! At ESOE a popular social actvitity is Conversation Club, students are able to relax in a nice cafe and are given the chance to practise there English while discussing a vareity of topics.  
  • Don’t be afraid! –Don’t hesitate to speak in English because you feel you may not be perfect, often people will appreciate the fact you are trying to learn the language and will be very patient, so don’t get embarrassed if you make mistakes or have trouble speaking!
  • Don’t forget about it when you leave – If you finish your course and return to your home country, do not stop speaking and writing in English! Try and communicate with friends that you made in England, write to them and speak over the phone to keep your level of English at a high standard!

Learning English can be very difficult but by attending a good quality school and following some simple tips it can become a very manageable task!

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The tips provided in this blog is very useful and I think if somebody endeavor to follow these steps without fail than it would be very easy to learn as well as speak English. Indeed !! Practice makes man perfect..There are always rooms for improvements, so it is wise to practice as much as possible. English speaking lessons
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Thanks for sharing such great points. These are very important points about English learning English is an excellent language to learn, whether it's for personal or business reasons. But learning English or any foreign language requires commitment, hard work and a willingness to make mistakes. There are many online English speaking courses also available which help you in English learning according to your availability.
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Learn English by befriending people who are fluent in the said language. JOZELLE http://www.epiclanguage.com
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