How to improve your English vocabulary – top tips

An abstract image of a collection of little magnets on a white background.These are white magnetic strips each of which have a different word written on them. The idea is that you can move the words around to form sentences.

It's the range of vocabulary you have which brings your English language to life - and gives you a chance to express yourself in a way which reflects your character.

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When learning English, one of the most important aspects is improving your range of vocabulary. without it, communicating is impossible! Good vocab doesn’t only help with speaking it will also improve your reading, listening and writing skills. Here are some tips on improving:

  • Read a book – Find a book in English that interests you and pin point words that you do not understand, and at the end of each chapter look up the meaning of the words and write it down and revise it regularly to make sure you learn it.
  • Word games – English word games, such as scrabble will test your vocabulary and help to improve it, you may also have fun while playing it!
  • Be attentive – When you hear a word you don’t know when talking to someone try to remember it and look it up or later, or you can even stop to ask what it means!
  • Test yourself – Whether in a text book or online, taking a vocabulary test can really help, it will show you how much progress you are taking and will also highlight any gaps I your knowledge.
  • Practice! – once you learn new words be sure to review them regularly so you don’t forget, a great way to make sure you remember and understand them better is to use them in sentences whenever you can.