1. Find a course

  1. Choose the course you would like to attend and the location. You can start by selecting either “English courses” or “Locations” in the menu bar:
A screenshot of part of the ELC website with headings underlined to show where to look for English courses in England

2. Select your course preferences

Once you arrive on a course page, you’ll see the coloured section where you can select things like the intensity, duration and start date and a big green “Book course” button.

A screenshot of part of the booking process with some of the key headings underlined to highlighte where you need to enter data.

3. Select accommodation

Next you’ll be able to see the accommodation options available to you, or you can tell us that you’re finding your own accommodation solution. You can also tell us about dietary requirements and other needs you might have.

4. Book other services

You’ll also be able to choose extra services if you wish, for example:

  • An airport transfer when you arrive in the UK
  • Travel insurance

Once you’ve submitted your booking, we’ll start work processing your booking and we’ll contact you to say that we’ve received your booking, and again to give you your booking confirmation and to explain the next steps!